We are not sure what to think about our baby pied butcherbird, Chuckie.

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Wild Bird Talking - Success Story - Ken Charms The Galahs And Saves His Tree

One of my friends had some exciting news for me. 'Tell Gitie, what she says works', was the message her friend Ken had asked her to convey to me. 

My friend told me that  Ken has successfully made friends with a couple of galahs who had been visiting his garden.  Then when a whole crowd of galahs started to wreck some one of his trees, he spoke to his galah friends and asked them to stop and they listened.  Ken then explained to them that he didn't want their friends to destroy the tree either. 

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Wild Bird Talking - Success Stories - Sue helps a Fairy wren

A fairy wren accidentally entered my friend Sue' s office one busy afternoon.  Sue was flat out answering phone calls, when she noticed the bird agitatedly trying to escape.  The phones kept ringing and Sue wasn't getting the chance to open the windows and pull the screen frame off to let the bird out.  Meanwhile, the bird was getting even more desperate in her attempt to find a path and was endangering herself as she flew about the room and pushed herself against the glass windows.

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Just to let you know about recent happenings with Maggie and Co, it's that time of year when the birds arrange their territories for the next twelve months. Not much action with our birds this year though (not yet, anyway). I got a clue that the Mags gang and Larry (grey butcherbird) gang have settled their quarrel. Last week, when I went up to the gate to call Larry, he and Maggie flew in side-by-side, then Maggie landed and Larry went to his nearby tree. But it was a definite signal to me that they are on amicable terms again.

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How to Understand a Wild Bird's Message - Find out in the Special Edition on Communicating With Wild Birds - Out Now

Have you ever asked a bird for help? 
Have you ever understood  their message and realised what has happened to people in your life or been able to predict the future? 

Read about some of the amazing experiences people had had when they've listened to the birds.

Do you know how to communicate with a sick bird to find out what's ailing them?

Would you like to learn how to talk to birds directly, or telepathically?


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