Tsk Tsk, arguing with a bird...

Yup, I know, should be below my dignity, but I had a serious beef with the Butch family (pied butcherbirds) yesterday.

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Paying our friends a visit

It's been hard this week to go bush and visit our bird friends. Last, I think it was Monday, Gitie was driving home and she saw baby Josie magpie walking all alone along the road. She called for Maggie and told him that she was very worried that a car might hit Josie. Well, immediately, he took her way off into the bush well away from traffic. But then there were two days of cold, continuous rain, and we didn't hear Josie even in the distance after that. So this morning we specially wanted to see if we could find her.

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I was quietly eating my brekky this morning when an almighty ruckus broke out up at the front gate: loud snake-like hissing and sound of wings.

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The State of the Magpies (Part 4)

I've told you about our magpies, grey and pied butcherbirds, and the noisy miners. They are really the core of Maggie's circle, but they have lots of other friends.

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Talking Kookaburras Love The 'Big Eye'

Weather permitting, I like to visit the chicks on their first few days out of the nest.  Partly because I can't wait to see them closer and make friends and partly to take some photographs.  On Josie's (Maggie and Vicky's seventh kid) fifth day out of the nest, I trooped  towards their 'nursery' armed with my camera and some bread for all the other birds who might want a snack.  Wendy, her older sister (1 year old) called out to me.

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