Dedicated to understanding  the remarkable emotional, social and mental abilities of birds, and the unsuspected richness of their societies.

Book Launch - 19 July - USQ Bookshop

Book Launch - 19 July


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How To Communicate With Backyard Birds

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Australian Birds 2014 Gift Calendar

It's Here, the Australian Wild Birds Calendar for 2014

Continuing our successful annual gift calendar series, these are 13 full resolution pictures which you can view on your screen or print as a desktop calendar or wall calendar. Printed on photo paper, it makes a beautiful gift to delight all through the coming year. You get the cover page and twelve monthly calendars for 2014. Enter your details in the box below or the left hand menu to receive the download links for the calendar.


  Winged Hearts Calendar 2014  


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How To Identify Individual Birds


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How To Identify Individual Birds


How well do you know the birds that live around your house?

A group of birds could be members of a family, or a community of carers, a flock, or a gang of singles. Can you tell which one is the leader or which one is the father, mother, the brother or the sister? Do you know which kid has come for a sleep-over and which one is being wooed? Which is the bird that has just chased off a predator like the cat, or hawk, or snake or even an eagle. How do they help each other stay safe?

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The Mid-afternoon Thornbill Catches the Grub

I was taking an afternoon stroll a few days ago when a thornbill came over to say hello.

A thornbill says hello

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