The State of the Magpies (Part 3)

These "State of" posts are to fill everyone in on the bird community around our house. I've told you about the magpies, though: Maggie and his family, Vicky, Sophie, Wendy, and this year's bub, Josie, and then on the other side Billy, Maggie's adopted younger brother who seems to have had a big group of bubs with his partner, Polly. So I'd better get on and tell you about the other birds in the community.

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Josie Visits!

Well well! Baby Josie is a week out of the nest and yesterday she came to the back yard and let us take a couple of photographs. Not too many though, you can't let those humans take advantage!

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The State of the Magpies (Part 2)

I said I'd tell you about the "other" magpie we have here who is not in Maggie's family, but events have moved so fast they've overtaken my story.

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Butterfly Day

Yesterday was Butterfly Day. Once a year or so we get millions of butterflies fluttering by in unison, going where only they know. This time they were all going north. Sometimes it is so dense it is like a cloud of butterflies. It was a wonderful day for us and our birds, too.

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