Grey and pink cockatoo.

Galahs - Room with a View - Naturally

Gum trees have plenty of nooks for our galahs and lorikeet neighbours.

a nice spot for agalah nest

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Welcome To My Chamber...

'Who's that calling me as I walk up to the gate?  It's a galah.'  They seem to know I have a camera and want to show me something.  But as I look on, I discover there's much going on and the birds are delighted to let me photograph their activities.... 

Have a look at the slideshow and see what I found...

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Hawk Attack

Yesterday I was about to get in the car to go to town when an all-fired ruckus broke out behind the house. Running round, we saw a massive flock of galahs and rosellas and such birds crazily swirling here and there and crying out desperately as they wheeled here and there.

Then I noticed some hawk-like birds in amongst them. It was very hard to focus on them and get a clear view of exactly what they were, but it was clearly an attack upon the flock birds.

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Wild Bird Talking - Success Story - Ken Charms The Galahs And Saves His Tree

One of my friends had some exciting news for me. 'Tell Gitie, what she says works', was the message her friend Ken had asked her to convey to me. 

My friend told me that  Ken has successfully made friends with a couple of galahs who had been visiting his garden.  Then when a whole crowd of galahs started to wreck some one of his trees, he spoke to his galah friends and asked them to stop and they listened.  Ken then explained to them that he didn't want their friends to destroy the tree either. 

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Visits To The Magpies Nests Makes The Kookaburras Talk

The birds love us visiting their patch to look at their nests and catch a glimpse of their chicks.  Most of the time, their nests are too high up in the trees for us to get a look inside.  But once the babes are bigger and peer over the edge, we can introduce ourselves.  Sometimes the chicks even call us and stand up to show themselves.  Maggie and Vicky have always proudly shown us their nests and babes.  Larry and Harrie, the grey butcherbirds too. 

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