Grey Butcherbird

handsome smaller butcherbird with grey back

Butcherbirds Invite Us To Visit Their Nest

Larry and Harrie our favourite Grey-butcherbirds have always been keen to show us their nests.  We got to meet them  through Vicky magpie when we would trek into the bush to see her.  The first year Larry and Harrie's' nest was on a tree that grew at the edge of the gully and we had a pretty good view (see logo above) as  we  walked across to  Vicky's tree.

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Paying our friends a visit

It's been hard this week to go bush and visit our bird friends. Last, I think it was Monday, Gitie was driving home and she saw baby Josie magpie walking all alone along the road. She called for Maggie and told him that she was very worried that a car might hit Josie. Well, immediately, he took her way off into the bush well away from traffic. But then there were two days of cold, continuous rain, and we didn't hear Josie even in the distance after that. So this morning we specially wanted to see if we could find her.

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Grey Butcherbirds

grey butcherbird sitting on a tree    This is a picture of Larry our beautiful grey-backed butcherbird. 

Grey butcherbirds are much smaller in size than their cousins the Pied-butcherbirds.  The two species do not share the same territory.

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