Partridges at Ranthambore National Park

partridges at ranthambore

 An impromptu stop not far from lake Padam Talao brought us some new surprises.  Beautiful Partridges pottering in the scrub right next to the jeep.


partridges - ranthambore

 The birds were friendly, unperturbed by our presence or proximity.

partridge - ranthambore

 They posed for us and seemed to enjoy our company just as much as we delighted in theirs.

partridge - ranthambore

I had only read about partridges in my school days.  These are gentle, docile, pleasant birds. Unfortunately they are easy prey for many predators and sadly often hunted by humans.  We weren't expecting to see them on this safari and it was a real privilege to spend a few precious moments with these lovely birds.



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