Camry The Crow - A Real Friend

Camry Crow and Darren By Belinda Elbourn

When Darren and I lived just west of Ceduna in South Australia we were very lucky to have shared our lives with 2 very special crows.

The first one to arrive on our door step was Camry, at first Camry was very shy little bird.

But after a day or two soon became a very demanding, cheeky loud little bird.

He spent the first couple of months in our enclosed back veranda.

As we had a huge enclosed fruit tree cadge (Darren and Camry are standing in it in the top photo) we thought it would be best for him to live out there, plenty of room to fly and hide.

Camry soon became very close to Darren, if was to go out to the cadge to feed him he would hide in the orange tree and would not come out.


I would have to go and get Darren and as soon as Camry would hear Daren he would fly down and sit on his shoulder. 

He loved his bones and diced meat, so much so that if he was full he would still demand food and then go and hide it some where, under a rock, in a log even tried to put it down the collar on Darren’s shirt.

It didn’t matter where he put it he would always remember where it was, we would watch him for hours and he always found every piece of meat that he had stashed.

In summer we would put a sprinkler on to water the fruit trees, Camry thought this was the best fun, he would hop in and out of it for hours.

We had Camry for nearly a year he soon became a big part of our family and visitors would just be amazed as how friendly he was. If you were having a bad day he would always put a smile on your face.

We lost our Camry one morning, not sure how he died, we just found him dead on the ground.

It was a very sad day.



Crows are very intelligent birds and oft misunderstood. Thanks Belinda for sharing your story.  -- Gitie,  Editor



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