Kensho: A Modern Awakening

KenSho Book CoverKENSHO: A Modern Awakening is a one-of-a kind collection of stories, inspiration and insightful information from profound people living seemingly ordinary lives – who are changing the world in extraordinary ways!

 If the negative news that pervades our daily lives makes you feel untethered and cast adrift, the message of KENSHO will help you gain the perspective to get back on track and to see the world in a renewed light. 

At the heart of KENSHO you’ll discover:

 ~ a deep, intimate sense of where we are headed as a global society

  ~ why more and more people have become disenchanted with corporate life and long to do something that has meaning and value

  ~ why corporate social responsibility is coming to the forefront of our consciousness

 ~ when we create more balance in both our professional and personal lives we allow ourselves to focus on what’s really important

 ~ how the work-place is being redefined through philanthropy, authentic leadership, work-life-balance, social media and attention to the importance of wellness

~ why the path to enlightenment often comes through a crisis

~ dozens of interviews from remarkable people and companies who are positively changing our world

 ~ how to act as a catalyst for change and “awakening” in your own life and your community

 ~ ground-breaking research on the astonishing ability of the brain to change

~ the many benefits of living mindfully

 ~ how to break free of stagnant habits and bring awareness to how your thoughts shape your experiences

 ~ the “age of imagination” and innovative ways to tap into the endless source of creativity

~ a host of tools, information and exercises that encourage change — ultimately inspiring you to live a healthier more fulfilling, conscious life




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Change Without Thinking

For one full day, Eldon  (one of the world’s foremost authorities on pre-conscious learning), spoke at the Putra Trade Center in Malaysia. He taught a packed house and a number of dignitaries including the former First Lady of that country all about Change Without Thinking, and now, through a special arrangement with Hay House, the original footage from Eldon’s incredible presentation has been enhanced and recorded for you to see on three DVDs. Attendees paid several hundred dollars to attend this event and now you can watch it at your convenience - and for only pennies on the dollar—all 3 DVDs (a full workshop) for under$25. 
Click to watch video clips from Change Without Thinking:

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The Birds of New Jersey - Book Review

 Author William J. Boyle. Jr. has over 40 years experience birding throughout the world.

His latest book includes all the species in the State of New Jersey from historical times to the present, with over 200 splendid photographs of the birds. The book includes maps showing where the birds can be found.

The range of birds includes migratory birds with the spring and fall times indicated.

Rare species and occasional visitors are also covered.

"If you live in or visit New Jersey, if the study of enjoyment of birds is a thread that runs through the fabric of your life, then you simple must own a copy of this book" ---- Pete Dunne, CCO, New Jersey Audubon.




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The Real Facts About Bat Transmitted Diseases

courtesy Bats Qld and Long Grass Wildlife Refuge Centre


Grey flying foxThe incidence of Australian Bat Lysavirus (ABLV) in wild bats is about the same as the incidence of HIV in humans: between .09% and 1.2% of free-living population (1,2)

The instance is higher in sick animals that come into care. Bats with ABLV always die.

Responsible for two deaths (one of whom refused treatment). Post and pre-exposure treatment is 100% effective - not one vaccinated person has died from ABLV.

ABLV is saliva-borne and lives a short time outside the body.

ABLV kills. Vaccination is ESSENTIAL. In every continent except Australia and Antartica veterinarians, carers and members of the public are routinely vaccinated.

Humans catch Hendra (originally equine morbillivirus) from horses, not bats

No bat carer has ever caught Hendra. Screening 128 long-term bat carers found none had detectable antibodies (Selvey at al., 2006)

Bats do not suffer from or die from Hendra, but authorities have found antibodies in the amniotic fluid of bats and suspect they may be a host for the disease.... however

"This is all speculation though as we know that bats carry the virus but we don't know exactly how it gets into horses." Dr Stephen Prowse (2008), CEO of the Australian Biosecurty Cooperative research Centre for Emerging Infectious Disease

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Green Cay Wetlands - Part 2

by Susan Collins


Reader Susan Collins shares some more of her magnificent photographs and memories from the Green Cay Nature Center at Florida.


Least Bittern

A Least Bittern inspects the duckweed for a juicy meal.

 Least Bitterns. the smallest of all herons live in freshwater marshes rich in dense vegetation or in mangroves. The Bitterns can straddle reeds which enables them to feed in water much deeper than other herons. The birds are very shy running away from intruders jumping from one stalk to another, taking short flights only if necessary and diving back into its favorite hiding spot in the thick vegetation. 


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