Wild Birds Calendar 2009 Thank You Gift

We would like to offer you the Australian Wild Birds Calendar 2009 as a thank you gift from all of us at WingedHearts.org. 

The calendar consists of 13 high resolution images of some of the wild birds featured on WingedHearts.org

The images are designed to be printed as a photo calendar and can be:

-    printed on photograph quality paper  or plain paper,

-    the size can be your choice for a wall or desktop calendar,

-    or used as the background image on your computer screen (make sure you view it at high resolution for best effect).

We recommend good quality photographic paper of size 6 x 8 with a matte (or satin) finish to make an excellent desktop or wall calendar.  

To preview the calendar click here:

The calendar can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  The file will unzip into 13 single images. 

           Download the complete calendar as a zip file - click here

All the images are high resolution and appear best when printed or when viewed in full size. 


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