Claire's Baby Hawks

Reader Claire Muskus sent us these gorgeous pictures of baby red-talied hawks.  The chicks look so cute: here is Claire's story:

 "We have a pair of red-tailed hawks that nest each year on our 5th floor ledge.  Usually mid-March, the mom starts her annual ‘house cleaning’ then commences to ‘just sit’.  This year there were 3 eggs; all survived. Last year the same number  were in the nest, but only two survived.  Several years ago, one of the ‘youngins’ fell out of a tree that was near the bldg. Because its wings weren’t strong enough to make it fly back up to the nest, it wandered back and forth on the wall with its mother was dutifully watching and calling to it from across the street and often making low sweeps over it.  Some agricultural students from Trinity College were called in to try to capture it, which they were able to, somehow.  I had the good fortune of actually seeing the hawk ‘up close and personal’.  It certainly was a magnificent, yet scary example of power. I couldn’t believe the length of its talons – to gaze into its eyes was unnerving at best; it was if it could look through to your soul and beyond.  ‘Determination’ was the name of the game because somehow the bird escaped again, this time crossing the road and found its way into the bushes at the Bushnell; the DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection) was contacted.  They found the bird, put a large towel over its head, brought it into the building, up the elevator (wished I’d been on that ride up – can you ever imagine getting on and seeing this ‘thing’ sitting on someone’s arm covered with a towel???) to the 5th floor, opened a casement window and put it back on the ledge where it was supposed to be. "

baby hawk in window baby hawk



baby hawk baby hawk on roof


baby hawk baby hawk



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What magnificent creatures hawks are! I haven't seen them THIS close before.
Working in the garden earlier on was blessed by hearing a hawk's call and seeing a pair of them flying high overhead. I think they have a nest in a tall tree right in front of our house - about 50 yards away.
These photos are lovely!

Hi Nicole - yes these babies are truly magnificent - and a a bit unnerving when you see them this close and its 'staring at you' - I'd tap the window and it would follow my hand - what really moved me was a few years ago when one escaped and was caught by college students...they were standing outsidet the building, holding 'the baby' waiting for all to leave so they could come in, ride the elevator up and return it to its nest. I had the chance to pet it on the back of the head (I WAS TOLD keep away from head and talons). When they're flying they quite majestic, but I have had the opportunity (sadly) to see one 'catch lunch which is not a pretty sight. Their "call or cry" is quite distinctive.

Thanks for commenting...Gitie wrote another article from pics and emails I sent to her last summer entitled "Sparkling Diamonds In the Barn" - look for it if you will...

I don't know where you reside but do take care and Greetings from the USA!

Claire M.
Lisbon, CT