Australian Wild Birds Gift Calendar for 2015

The Winged Hearts 2015 Australian Wild Birds Calendar

Here is the new, extra-enhanced, 2015 edition of our successful annual gift calendar series. There are 14 full resolution pictures which you can view on your screen or print as a desktop calendar or wall calendar. Printed on photo paper, it makes a beautiful gift to delight all through the coming year. You get the cover page, twelve monthly calendars for 2015, and a bonus calendar for January 2016. Enter your details in the box below or the left hand menu to receive the download links for the calendar.


  Winged Hearts Calendar 2015  


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The Mid-afternoon Thornbill Catches the Grub

I was taking an afternoon stroll a few days ago when a thornbill came over to say hello.

A thornbill says hello

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Thornbills - Tiny Birds With Big Spirits

a pair of thornbills sitting on a fence

Thornbills (or yellow bottoms as they are fondly called) are barely 5 cms (2 inches) long. The picture on the left was taken with a 300mm zoom. Then the image was digitally enlarged.  You get the idea of how small these birds really are against objects in their natural environment.

They first attracted our attention when we were trying to photograph some peewees in a paddock. What appeared to be leaves rolling

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thornbill close upThe thornbills were busy playing with their willy-wagtail friends in the paddock when we called out to them.  Smaller than my thumb, these birds left the safety of the scrub and sat on the fence, singing for us and posing for the camera.  They remembered us even though another year had passed from our previous visit.

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