Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

The only Lorikeet with an all-green head.

Australian Wild Birds Gift Calendar for 2015

The Winged Hearts 2015 Australian Wild Birds Calendar

Here is the new, extra-enhanced, 2015 edition of our successful annual gift calendar series. There are 14 full resolution pictures which you can view on your screen or print as a desktop calendar or wall calendar. Printed on photo paper, it makes a beautiful gift to delight all through the coming year. You get the cover page, twelve monthly calendars for 2015, and a bonus calendar for January 2016. Enter your details in the box below or the left hand menu to receive the download links for the calendar.


  Winged Hearts Calendar 2015  


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Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Who is that calling so loudly, interrupting my reverie?  It's not a sound I hear often and never before so loud.  Yes, I'm definitely being called. 

But outside there's no one to be seen.   Hey, wait a sec, who's that calling me from behind the leaves in the bottlebrush?  Which is really strange because in all the years we've had this plant, no bird has ever visited it before, even though it is meant to be a bird-attractor. 

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