large migratory black and white bird

Emerging Plans for the New Season - June 2009

scly-breasted lorikeetsCan you spot the two scaly-breasted lorikeets with their lispstick red beaks?  They've just taken off after a drink and a bath at the lilypot.

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Birds and Animals Celebrate at the Lilypot


minnie and cresty at the lilypot

The rains have broken the drought.  Crested pigeons and Noisy Miners share a drink at the lilypot while the other birds and animals enjoy the fresh grass, new shoots and a greeener summer.

The pictures tell a better story.

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Just to let you know about recent happenings with Maggie and Co, it's that time of year when the birds arrange their territories for the next twelve months. Not much action with our birds this year though (not yet, anyway). I got a clue that the Mags gang and Larry (grey butcherbird) gang have settled their quarrel. Last week, when I went up to the gate to call Larry, he and Maggie flew in side-by-side, then Maggie landed and Larry went to his nearby tree. But it was a definite signal to me that they are on amicable terms again.

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Pied currawong sitting on the ground Currawongs tend to lead nomadic lives.  They are very good at hiding in the dark shadows in a tree and are hard to spot, even though you have seen them go in and know exactly where to look.  They are big and sneaky looking birds, but actually quite shy and surprisingly timid.  Even juvenile magpies and pied-butcherbirds can boss them around quite easily.  All our youngsters

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Sneaky Karitu - But Karivon Wins the Day

The magpies, currawongs, butcherbirds, noisy-miners - they are all friends and interact daily in many ways. They play with each other, negotiate with each other, tease each other and help each other.  This slideshow tells a really cute story that we have seen played out in many variations.

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