Don't Stand Still For The Goanna

goanna running in the yardI'm going to detract from the birds and tell you about the goanna today.  They are also called the Australian Monitor Lizard.  They are predatory creatures and hunt for birds, eggs, snakes, smaller lizards and insects.  they often take chicks and eggs out of birds' nests or catch a bird when its resting.

Needless to say, they are not a bird's best friend.  In fact the bird don't like them at all.  The birds have a good warning system.  If any bird catches sight of goanna, they alert everyone else.  All the other birds come and help chase the goanna out of their territory.  The goanna is clever at disguising itself. You will see from the slideshow (click here) that once they're up a tree, they blend so well with the bark that they are hard to spot. 


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