What is Your Bird Story? Share It On WingedHearts.org

wille-wagtail sitting on the fence The 30 day blog challenge is over for those of us who live down under in Australia.  It's already 1 hour into the 1st July (yes I am so addicted to writing for you that I'm still up at 1.00 am.)

Thank you all so much for your interest and comments.  I really appreciate all of you who made the time to read my stories and give me your feedback.  I've had a wonderful experience sharing a little of what I have learned from these remarkable creatures with all of you.

We have so much more to learn and this can only be achieved if we share our stories and learn from examples.

I believe we all have an amazing bird story hidden in our memories. 

What is Your Bird Story?

It's time to tell all the rest of us.


Please drop me a line at:   editor@wingedhearts.org

I will feature it here on WingedHearts.org and also in a Special Edition of Wild Bird Talking our Ezine.  If you have a picture or two, please attach them too.

Here are some examples of stories our readers have shared with us:

Di Swift shares her story of rescuing a lorikeet and a magpie.

Fiona's Peewees help a Turtle

Lynell tells us about her magpies and so does Muriel.

Dhiren shares his tale from India

Pete rescue's a pair of butcherbirds


And there are many more tales at Your Winged Friends.

With each story we learn a little more about our feathered neighbours. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks for your enthusiastic support and encouragement.










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It was so good to meet you and I've enjoyed your posts. My sister Sheila (blog30 member) and I were just talking about your site. Great possibilities. You're in a great niche.

I'll watch for your twitters and posts.

Again... it's been great