Pingu Magpie & Her Human Victoria


One year old Pingu magpie loves her human friend Victoria.

 Pingu Magpie love her human Victoria


 The two have a real bond and enjoyed spending time with each other.

Victoria & Pingu magpie


Even Mummy magpie liked to perch on Vic's knee

Vic with mummy magpie & Pingu


But Pingu liked talking to Vic up close and personal

Pingu magpie with Victoria


 In the suburbs juvi magpies leave home around the age of one to join the singles pad and learn the adult ways. Mummy and Daddy magpie then have the room for the new season's babies. Victoria and her Mum Jan were worried that feeding Pingu might make her dependent on them for food. After a weekend away they found Pingu no longer came to see them. She had been disappearing for a day or two before. Young magpies do check out several places before leaving permanently.  While sad to see her go, Victoria and Jan are delighted that Pingu is moving on  with her magpie life.

Thanks Jan for sharing these gorgeous photos & story --  Gitie




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