bird behaviour

bird behaviour

Magpie Kids Sleepovers

Magpies let their children bring their friends for Sleepovers

Incredible, you say!

We thought so too. Until we saw it with our own eyes.

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Winged Tips

These pages contain some tips, techniques and suggestions based on our experience with Maggie and his friends.

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Not Just A Bird...

How do bird families behave?  Do they remember each other after they leave home? What happens to the young juveniles as they wander through alien territories looking for a new home?  Do the birds help each other?  Do birds from different species help each other? Maggie and his community have shown us much about bird culture.  Here we share the insights we have gained about their social life. 

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Feathery Tales

Presents real life stories and anecdotes on how the different bird species form friendships and interact with each other and also with us humans.  The spotlight is on:

    -    inidvidual birds or animals we know by name and who are part of our extended bird family, and

    -    the bird-bird and bird-human relationships that we have observed and experienced.

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Crow sitting on a post Crows are surprisingly shy birds, despite their size and loud talk.  They can make a varitey of sounds and use their limited vocabulary quite imaginatively. 

Crows are interested and friendly and always show their gratitude. They are very intuitive birds and are quick at understanding one's words and intentions.

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