Georgie Magpie has left home?

Georgie Magpie has not returned. The day we last saw her, we were getting some help from a friend doing home renovations, so we couldn't pay as much attention as usual, and our magpies would have been wary of the presence of other humans, so it may be they were trying to tell us where Georgie was going but we weren't listening.

We have pretty good idea, at a minimum, which direction our baby magpies have gone when leaving home. Georgie is almost the only exception. We naturally worried that maybe something happened to Georgie, but Vicky and family didn't seem at all sad or disconcerted, so we feel reasonably sure that isn't the reason.

Meanwhile our grey and pied butcherbird families continue their dispute over who owns the mulberry tree. The pied seem to own it in the mornings, but the grey stay up later at night and always issue a loud ownership call from the tree last thing. One of this year's grey babies, Darry, is perticularly keen on the tree and makes a huge ruckus each day. His parent Larry is the beautiful bird who defended us against a snake once, so I always love saying hello to any of Larry's kids.


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