Our Butcherbirds have Babies

Larry protectively watches over her new chick
Both Larry and Harrie grey butcherbirds and Freddy and Terry pied butcherbirds have brought their new chicks to see us this week. Larry came first with the noisiest bub this season, easily out-squarking all the magpie bubs, which takes some doing, because the grey butcherbirds are so very much smaller than the magpies.

Here we see Larry looking down protectively on the new bub. Just like the magpies, it is has brown feathers where the adults have black.

The very next day, I saw Larry being followed for food by a second bub, so despite having the intruder gang of pied butcherbirds to contend with this season, Larry and Harrie have been successful.

Then yesterday, Freddy pied butcherbird, who is still recovering from her horrific injury to her right leg, brought a beautiful baby to the mulberry tree. Here he is this morning with dad Terry.

The new baby shows Freddy her beautiful wings
And here he is showing his brown wings and back to Freddy, who still has her right leg tucked away safely. Freddy is putting it down now when she has to, but she is very careful.

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