Vicky's nest

New baby standing on the edge of the nestVicky's bubs are very late this year, due to the whole family stopping their normal activities when Sophie was sick. And a week ago one of the two bubs in the nest disappeared. It was there one morning and gone that afternoon. I searched the land under the nest thoroughly, but found no dead bird, so we fear that maybe a hawk or a goanna took it.

But the other bub has grown big and strong and is now fully feathered and eager to leave the nest. We're trying him out on the name "Richie". Mum and Dad like it, but does (s)he? They are fussy about their names and they simply won't recognise one unless it is to their liking.

 While I was looking for the missing bub, there was another bub flying around in their nest area, but much more developed than the missing one, so unfortunately that isn't it. But where did it come from? It's gone again now, so it would seem it was just someone else's bub coming for a visit. We have seen this time and again, however fantastic it may seem: a bub comes from a neighbouring family and stays for a few days, and is fed as one of the family while it is visiting.

Now "Richie" looks nearly ready to take the big plunge and try out those wings!


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