From A Wild Bird's Heart - A Gift Package

Open the doors to understanding the remakable love and care that exists among wild birds and their intricate social lives.     

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From A Wild Bird's Heart - Gift Package:


Did you know that wild birds have an amazingly rich and loving relationship within their families, communities and their wider circle of friends from other bird species, other animals and humans?

For over eight years, our wild birds have taken us into their hearts and shown us the depth of their love and given us insights into the intimacy of their relatiosnhsips as well the intricacy of their negotiations.  

The Gift Package will enable you to understand more about the birds that live around you, their actions, their anxieties, their friendships and collaborations with their families and their enormous network with other bird species and other animals and humans.

  • 23 Amazing Facts About Wild Bird Culture - A Wild Magpie Taught Me
    • Do birds communicate with their children after they've left home?
    • What happens to a bird's territory after the father dies? Where does the family go?
    • Do birds from different species help each other?
    • ... the answers to these many more questions will simply amaze you!
  • Five Keys to Friendship with Wild Birds – A Quick Start Guide
    • How to talk to a bird, win their confidence and make them a lifelong friend....
  • Free subscription to Wild Bird Talking Ezine 
    • A quarterly ezine with informative articles and slideshows on how to communicate with wild birds, build lasting relationshsips with the birds and create a consciously aware environment around your home.
  • How To Help Injured or Stunned Birds Recover (Audio and Transcript)

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    • How to help a bird recover from a cat attack or when they crash into glass doors and windows....


Reader's responses:  

" I find your observations on birds quite amazing. You have a wonderful website and reading about Molly and her extended family is like reading a great novel! You have taken wonderful shots."  -- C. G. Jain

"It was very nice to read more about the birds. I really like that you're doing this wonderful job. This issue covers so much information about the birds with lovely pictures."    --- P. Parikh

"Just wanted to let you know that this was my FAVORITE of all the free gifts I received when I purchased the book from Hay House...."          ---  Amanda Davies


all together  

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Enjoy the rewards of making friends with wild birds that live around you  

in the country, city and suburbs by developing your connection with nature and increasing your consciousness of other creatures.


Discover the magic of knowing the birds as they begin to trust you and show you their loving, caring natures and relationships with their families, communities, bird network and ability to make human friends.  This is more than just enjoying photographing birds or providing them with food and water. This is about building a relationship with them.

In return, enrich your life with the love and joy they bring into your life when they communicate with you and share their lives with gratitude.


From A Wild Bird's Heart - Gift  Package Details:

jaunty maggie
True stories illustrating an amazing fact about the complex, intricate and loving way in which birds relate with each other within their families, communities, humans and other animals.  This is from our own experience of relating with birds for over seven years.
You will receive one quick and easy to read story a week via e-mail for 23 weeks with links to any accompanying slideshows on this website  (so as not to load your inbox).
People who have read or heard these stories say they never look at a bird the same way again. 
-    Rescue the injured bird in your garden and let it return to its family and loved ones. 

-    Especially useful for birds caught by cats, or stunned by flying into glass doors and windows, or struck by cars. 

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  • 23 Amazing Facts About Bird Culture - A Wild Magpie Taught Me
  • Five Keys to Friendship with Wild Birds – A Quick Start Guide

    A quick start guide describing the essential elements of talking to wild birds in your backyard or neighbourhood and making friends with them

    -     Read the benefits of making friends with the birds that live around your home

    -     Quick steps to getting started, attracting birds and winning their confidence

    -     How to talk to them, recognise them and develop a rewarding friendship 

  • Free subscription to Wild Bird Talking Ezine

    larry on wire

    -    How to talk to the birds, understand their messages and communications and discover more about their lives

    -    About the amazingly loving, rich and interesting, social and emotional lives of birds that live freely all around the world,

    -    Readers'  experiences,

    -    Get tips and techniques on how you too can talk to the birds and communicate with them as friends,

    -    How to experience the love and joy that talking to the birds brings to your backyards and create a transformation for yourself.

    -    Special offers, interviews with experts, site updates and other resources that will help you make a difference easily. 

  • How To Help Injured or Stunned Birds Recover (Audio and Transcript)


  • Millions of birds die when they fly into glass windows and doors in the US alone, according to one report.


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